Text consultation

Do you have an article, annual report, short story, or feature script that could do with some spiking? Or have you completed a thesis that needs to be proof-read?

Marjo can have a closer look either by proof-reading or approaching it with a holistic editing view. In addition to journalism and screenwriting, Marjo has also studied Finnish language in university, so spell-checking is not a problem.
Marjo was the publishing editor of my children´s fantasy novel. At first, she gave me her insight on developing the story and the structure. Her suggestions were carefully constructed and presented with encouragement. During the second round, Marjo proof-read my book. In addition, she also coached me with grammar rules, which I found very impactful also for future purposes. Marjo exceeded all my expectations. If you need someone to consult your story and collaborate with editing, I recommend Marjo!

Writer Miia Pirinen